Saturday, December 21, 2013

When Christmas Changes

This year I did a Christmas fund raiser for a local homeschooling family I know.  For a fee parents, aunts, grandparents, whomever filled out some info about a child and I sent out a lovely letter from Santa.  It was super fun for me, I hope it brought joy to some wonderful children, and it helped out my friend.

Well, the last letter requested was completely different from the others, it was requested by a friend of mine for her niece who just learned the truth about Santa.  She asked if I could write a letter keeping the spirit and magic of the season alive for this young woman.  I was struck to the quick because just this summer I had told my own eleven year old daughter and she had been devastated.  It was probably my worst mommy moment to date.

I know when I found out there was no Santa I had also been heart broken, yet as an adult I have always loved the holiday.  As I sat on my sofa, sipping my coffee and typing this up, I was over come with every emotion imaginable.  But most of all joy, that perhaps I could help this young woman in a way that would heal my own wounds and those of my own daughter.  There is magic in the air this time of year and I hope that this letter helps anyone who is searching for it.

Merry Christmas!  I understand that you have learned a little bit more about Christmas magic this year.  I know that it can be a hard lesson to learn at first and a little heart breaking.  However, I wanted to write you today to welcome you into the world of real Christmas magic.
Believing in Santa is such an easy part of childhood, the warmth of it can brighten your days all year round, the anticipation of the jolly man can fill your dreams, and the knowledge that there is magic in this world can ease worries.  Yet, the belief in Santa is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Christmas magic.
Now, that you know about Santa, you can start to see and experience the real magic of Christmas; the magic that is bigger and deeper and more meaningful than one simple man and eight tiny reindeer.  Your eyes can now be open to the world where we all join together to share in the Santa story for children.  You can now see the magic of thousands of toys and dinners and funds being donated each year so that children all across our country can share in the same joy every December 25th.  You can now see the miracles of compassion and joy and generosity that people can make happen when united.
Over your life you are bound to share the Santa belief with others, your cousins, children you babysit, perhaps one day your own children.  Yet, more importantly you are bound to share in the Christmas magic that is more than just Santa.  You are bound to give a piece of yourself to the world to help make a holiday season a little brighter for someone else. 
                                  Merry Christmas!

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